The Vertical Positioning Group (VPG) business unit consists of four leading companies involved in the design, manufacture and distribution of vertical lifting and positioning equipment for a wide range of manufacturing, assembly, distribution and retail applications.

Established in 1935 in Sweden, Marco is the European market leader in fully customized lift tables. Continuing the work of its founder, Sven Marcusson, Marco delivers innovative, problem solving solutions that improve safety and efficiency over a broad range of applications. The company also manages and trains a distributor network which ensures that any new product development is in line with the market's needs.

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Hymo was founded in 1956. Since the beginning, its focus has been on high-volume production of lift tables, based on a standardized concept. Its customers are primarily manufacturing companies, for whom uptime of the production line is key. To address their needs, Hymo specialises in offering robustly-designed lift tables for high-intensity use in a wide range of manufacturing operations.

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Jihab is a leading European manufacturer of hydraulic scissor lift tables. The company has over three decades of experience in developing, manufacturing and delivering hydraulic scissor lifts for customers with specific geographical or task-based needs. Jihab's custom-engineered scissor lift tables are designed and built with maximum flexibility, in order to meet customers' changing needs over time.

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Saxon is a premium lift table brand, with a wealth of experience in producing high-quality solutions for the United Kingdom market. It has been a part of the Vertical Positioning Group since 1998, when it was acquired by Marco. Thanks to Saxon's deep knowledge of the UK market, the company is uniquely positioned to meet its customers' needs – for the supply, installation and after sales support of lift tables.

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2016 VPG was acquired by the Southworth International Group Incorporated (SIGI). The group is the world's largest manufacturer of ergonomic materials handling equipment for vertical lifting and work positioning, designed to improve worker productivity while reducing the potential for worker injuries.

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